Although they’ve been alive and kicking since around 2006, I didn’t figure out my life with the accompaniment of Fait Accompli until I heard one of their tracks on a My Sydney Riot compilation. Over there, the band are regular contributors, and every time another of their wonderful compilations comes out, there’ll usually be a new track up there, along with similar-minded party-starters like Pirates Alive and Samoan Punks. Since then, I’ve been pretty stoked with the shit that they keep pumping out. So it comes as no surprise that their debut album is fucking brilliant.

In case you’re not affiliated with the Fait Accompli ways, let me lay it out for you. They play convinced, straight up rock music that could be found on a Foo Fighters album, and mix it with a fury that is more in the style of Rancid. Then, they mix in just the right amount of calmness to quell the storm and add texture, similar to what The Pretty Littles and The Smith Street Band. Slap on a hearty Aussie accent, and you’ve got a three piece that are ready to blow up brain cells.

However, its not until the second track that Fait Accompli really start kicking into gear. Although the title track and opener is pleasant,  ‘Be Mine’ is the one that grabs the attention. Starting with a slightly melancholic guitar, it soon shifts gear like one of the many impossible moments of a Fast and Furious plot crux. It explodes with a vitality and charisma of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, spewing forth romantic accolades over a melody that sounds like The Offspring returned to the coke-fuelled days of ‘Smash’. The theme of Arnold Schwarzenegger-lite riffs continues in a couple of the later songs as well,  providing entertaining-as-fuck platters of delight. Seriously, listening to the breakdown of ‘Lost in The City’ is like walking into your bedroom to find out that the lost sprawl of Atlantis has been chilling in your bedside fish tank all along. What, I’m trying to say is, there’s a gigantic orgasm hiding right under the people of Sydney’s noses with these songs.

Although, as I iterated before, its not always a guitar-powered steamroll of the brain. The quieter tracks ‘Hold Onto You’ and ‘Death of a Caesar’ provide warm relief to the bombastic-ness. Although far from being the highlights on an album full of amazing rock tracks, they are great songs in their own right, packed with some nice lyrics and heart-breakin’ vibes.

However, and I don’t know whether this comes down to a well-ingrained bias or something, the older songs are the ones that grind my pleasure complex in the right ways. The re-recorded, additional guitar-solo blow up ‘Blue Eyes’ is a fantastic, mosh-ready track, but the one that blows me away every time, and probably always will, is ‘Ride’. Ever since I first heard that song, back when I was a bubbling, chubby and bright-eyed about the world, ‘Ride’ always singled itself as a special track for me. Even in the newest format (I swear, there’s about fifty slightly different versions of this song) ‘Ride’ still has the power and poignancy of a standout rock track. From the built-up, layered intro, to the wistful verses, from the eyes-closed-driving-on-a-highway chorus to the orgasmic finish, ‘Ride’ completes everything that makes a great rock song in absolute decadence.

Overall, I’m glad Fait Accompli finally stopped doing the EP thing and released an album. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the EP’s, they were all down-right fantastic. But having an album means that I can finally go to an “album launch”, and hopefully experience a new side of the wild show that Fait Accompli put on (I forgot to mention they’re a killer live band).

Anyway, the album is available for free from the band’s Bandcamp, which is just one of the myriad of reasons to pick up ‘Dreams’. Fuarking get on it, son/daughter!


Every now and again an EP comes along that gets you all excited about a fresh new take on a stale genre. This time  around it’s Sydney’s Fait Accompli, it’s indie, and it’s not boring. Success! Opener This Is Not The End has just the right  amount of youthful exuberance that betrays their already six years on the scene. It’s 90s but not a pastiche, it’s fun but  not overly commercial. No Great Expectations hits all the right sweet spots for those obsessed with good guitar rock, and Everyday gets us dancing. This band could easily see the same  rise as Papa Vs Pretty.

Indie/punk band FAIT ACCOMPLI from Sydney has released their 2012 EP ‘Spies’. The band has released a number of EPs over the past few years and enjoyed the perks of touring. Their melodic punk rock style has defined them as a ‘soul-punk’ band. FAIT ACCOMPLI has played with well renowned artists such as THE NEW YORK DOLLS and THE BLACK LIPS. The latest release ‘Spies’ is their best release so far and here are a few reasons why.‘Spies’ commences appropriately with ‘This Is Not The End’, with a highly pitched instrumental build-up. Within this genre of music, a strong vocal performance is noticed and given praise when compared to the heavier genres often carried by the instrumental backbone. This is certainly the case as vocalist Mr Ray holds his notes and is consistently harmonious. An impressive sound as Mr Ray plays guitar for the band as well.

The following track develops with a melodious bass line. ‘No Great Expectations’ contains a chorus so catchy; you’ll be hooked before the first minute is over. The band project a fast-paced vibrant sound which reaches a heavy threshold – often equalised by the vocals. This makes for a good balance and defines that punk attitude by FAIT ACCOMPLI.

An acoustic introduction develops in ‘Galaxies’, which really emphasises Mr Ray’s vocal potential. I can imagine the tracks on the ‘Spies’ EP receiving a welcoming reception in a concert/gig environment. A great talent for this band is the ability to slowly build up from a tight steady introduction to a fast-paced (and even somewhat chaotic) chorus and then back down if desired smoothly. The transition demonstrates musical understanding and again; would make for a great live context as well.

‘Everyday’ is probably the best track on ‘Spies’ and is even catchier than the rest. FAIT ACCOMPLI plays truly well as a single unit and are able to capture a distinguished sound when combining guitar, drums and bass – and still matching the vocal pace. Mr Ray is able to control that pace of the band with two instrumental elements of control opposed to Ms Skarlett and Mr Stokes on drums and bass respectively (who are nonetheless talented with musical control and flow). At times like in ‘Everyday’, this is demonstrated and again is very enjoyable to listen to.

‘Spies’ is a relaxing EP and is perfect for a bar environment with perhaps some dancing involved as well. The closing song for the EP is ‘Shipwrecked’. This is quite a long track but continues the consistency of the EP including the harmonious singing abilities by Mr Ray and carefully designed chords. The technical guitar solo at the end of ‘Shipwrecked’ is the perfect way to end a very well-produced EP.

A musical recount description was best to review this EP to emphasise the level of musical professionalism that FAIT ACCOMPLI is delivering. In addition to recommending you grab this EP, I also recommend anyone to go see this band live and appreciate the natural talent of the three-piece band. It is an appeal in comparison to the technology that improves the sound of many musicians in this day and age.

6 stars

I personally love getting new music, and I don’t mean ‘oh awesome the new Bon Jovi record is out!’ I’m talking about new bands I’ve never heard of, I get to make my own mind up, I have no preconceived ideas or notion of what they will sound like and I dig that.  Today, I get presented to me Fait Accompli, a Sydney based band who it seems have been around for the best part of five years, so it’ll be interesting to hear what they can do… So let’s check out their new EP ‘Spies’ and see.

Opener ‘This Is Not The End’ really isn’t, it’s a great starter with a very bouncy, happy vibe to it. I think they’re on to something here, this song and this band sounds like it has heart, soul, funk and a tinge of punk rock roots thrown in for good measure.  It actually reminds me a little of that old school early 90’s Australian sound done by the likes of bands like Ratcat and it’s nice to hear that again.  Lyrically “Everything is alright” and yeah, it is.  See, I told you, I love new music I’ve never heard of before. ‘No Great Expectations’ man these song names are too easy to play with so I’ll leave that one alone, but with a great riff, great breakdown and no great expectations, see, they made me do it… but seriously, I’m liking what I hear.  Remind me, how have I never heard of this band before?

Track three is ‘Galaxies’ and in a much more mellow state than the previous two with a very piano / synth driven groove until around three and half minutes in where it goes mentally in to a guitar solo, the tone and feel of it suits the song perfectly, I really liked that one.  Oh wait, I like this next one more, isn’t it great when you’re typing and a song starts and it’s awesome, well that just happened… ‘Everyday’ is laden with an almost Foo Fighters worthy style riff mashed with an Urge Overkill feel.  This works quite well, and yeah, this is my favourite on the EP and I haven’t even heard the last track.  Big call I know, but what are you gonna do?  ‘Shipwrecked’ finishes off the EP and dives back in to mellower territories, once again until a raging guitar solo comes along, I do like it when they get into the rockier territory on the tracks, and for me that’s where it’s at!  This was a cool way to end the Spies EP.

Overall, I liked what I just listened to, a nice mix of a number of musical genres there, and just enough to not make it weird or too diverse that it doesn’t work.  This was perfect for my Sunday afternoon and I’m damn sure these songs would be well at home in a live environment.  Check this out if you get a chance, you may enjoy hearing a band you’ve never heard of too…

Bursting with rebellion and 90s nostalgia, soul-punk outfit from Sydney, Fait Accompli, return with the EP, Spies.  The first  track on the album This Is Not The End, feels like a big finger in face to authority (even though it’s more about relationships) and is the beginning of something big – so pay them some attention! It belongs on a cult movie soundtrack. It’s passionate, anthemic and really, really loud.

It’s hard to believe that something cool could come out of Bondi these days without without wearing a low cut V-neck or sporting a perfect manicured three day growth, but this energetic three piece hark back to another dirtier time in the beach suburbs history, when the sand was covered in shit and syringes and the party was full of people you never invited. Might sound like the bad ol’ days butt there was fun to be had and that’s evident on Fait Accompli’s debut single Ride. Uplifting and heartbreaking, sentimental and irresistible this is a song that makes you want to dance. If you get the chance to see them live don’t miss it. If you don’t then go and buy their record DREAMS, out soon.

Sydney Trio Fait Accompli have had an eventful couple of years since their formation in 2006, having self-produced and self released two independent EP’s, whilst playing more than 150 shows up and down the east coast of Australia. This digital-only four track EP sees Fait Accompli enlisting the production aid of close friend Ian Pritchett (Beautiful Girls, Angus & Julia Stone) and offers the first taste of their debut album Dreams, expected later this year. If lead track Ride shimmers with jangling indie guitars and a driving bassline that recalls a more motorik-influenced Maximo Park, Science represents a more aggressive proposition, its hammering tribal drums and howling guitars sitting close to the barbed attack of Gang Of Four. Death Of A Ceaser meanwhile manages to close things off nicely with a more acoustic vibe which manages to throw some stray REM atmospheres in there as well – tasty.

I don’t envy the publicist trying to even hypothetically associate Fait Accompli to a Discredited Public Joke Band. Firstly, they’re an entirely independent group, making getting remunerated, even hypothetically, a difficult job. Secondly and more to the point, it’s difficult to make a gut-reaction comparison between Fait Accompli and any other band. It’s not that the Sydney trio’s upbeat four-bar indie tune Ride is so unique that it defies categorisation. Indeed, the chiming then fuzzy guitar pattern is so familiar, it may as well have been taken from the powerpop equivalent to the ABC Songbook that you learnt by rote in primary school. But it’s perhaps this faithfulness to a well-known template, without being derivative of anything specific, that endears the song so quickly. Ride lopes along, swept along in the wake of all that came before it, sunny and happy to let the drums lead it through the verses, before the guitars jump in front and put a pair of cool rockin’ shades on the chorus. It’s an effective mix, though if I have to adhere to this week’s self-imposed gimmick, I’ll give a nod of influence to the sunnies-loving, awkward-dancing, barroom king Huey Lewis, more for his cool-be-stuffed attitude than anything.


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