l-r Mr Ray – Guitar / Vocals /// Ms Skarlett – Drums /// Mr Stokes – Bass

Fait Accompli are a hardworking underground Soul Punk band from Sydney, Australia. Surviving all the clichés and trends that have come and gone over the last five years, Fait Accompli are currently gathering momentum with its current lineup, slaying every venue they play at with their ‘last show on earth’ mentality. Bringing a soulful melodic element to their hard to pinpoint sound, has put a modern-day twist to the ever-evolving sound of punk rock, earning them their own unique musical style, a sound described as ‘Soul Punk’.

With a slick DIY work effort Fait Accompli are a self-made band who have built on their reputation through strong live shows and putting on their own music events exposing audiences to a stack of new bands over the years. Between all three members exist the founders of underground movements ‘Less than Strength’, ‘My Sydney Riot’ and ‘MAKEyourself RECORDS’ which show their passion for not only telling their own stories but a need to be part of a creative model which sees music and art as an experience that should be shared as a Community and not just by a band alone.

Without industry support they have released two ep’s; IT IS WHAT IT IS, 666, a single; RIDE and a double a side single; NO FOOL/ON A BLUE DAY earning Fait Accompli some very healthy airplay for their songs SHUT UP AND DANCE, ONLY YOU, WALK TO THE BEAT, RIDE and some recent high rotations for their latest single NO FOOL at Sydney Community Radio Station, FBi Radio.

Fait Accompli have shared the stage with many amazing bands from all around Australia including Violent Soho, Goons of Doom, Ouch My Face, Straight Arrows, Cabins, The Bungalows, Sticky Fingers, Howl, The Bennies and more recently with international bands The New York Dolls, Black Lips and Manchester Orchestra.

Fait Accompli have just produced their latest offering with young gun Dylan Adams at Mr Milk Studios in Sydney and mastered by Michael Lynch at Shoehorse Sound. The new songs are sounding tighter and stronger than ever before, making it Fait Accompli’s finest work to date.

FAIT ACCOMPLI will then go on an extensive tour of Australia taking in the East Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania from June right through till the end of August.

4 of the 5 tracks are currently receiving airplay on Sydney’s FBi Radio with THIS IS NOT THE END receiving C rotation.

SPIES is available now on iTunes thru MAKEyourself RECORDS, distributed internationally by Volcom Entertainment. CLICK HERE TO BUY SPIES


Recorded and Engineered by Dylan Adams at Mr Milk
Mastered by Michael Lynch at Shoehorse Sound
All songs by FAIT ACCOMPLI

2. NO GREAT EXPECTATIONS /// featuring; Jessica Angelina, Vocals / Katherine Mavridis, Cello
3. GALAXIES /// featuring; Dylan Adams, Synth
5. SHIPWRECKED /// featuring; Jessica Angelina, Vocals / Katherine Mavridis, Cello


IT IS WHAT IT IS. ep //  2007
666. ep // 2008
RIDE. single // 2009
DREAMS.  unreleased album // 2010
IT IS WHAT IT IS – 666 / THE BEST OF FAIT ACCOMPLI 2007 – 2008. compilation // 2010
NO FOOL / ON A BLUE DAY. double a side single // 2011
NO FOOL remix by Tamara Piller // 2012
SPIES. ep //  2012

SPIES is available from iTunes /// The rest of the releases are currently available for free from http://faitaccompli.bandcamp.com



Indie/punk band FAIT ACCOMPLI from Sydney has released their 2012 EP ‘Spies’. The band has released a number of EPs over the past few years and enjoyed the perks of touring. Their melodic punk rock style has defined them as a ‘soul-punk’ band. FAIT ACCOMPLI has played with well renowned artists such as THE NEW YORK DOLLS and THE BLACK LIPS. The latest release ‘Spies’ is their best release so far and here are a few reasons why.‘Spies’ commences appropriately with ‘This Is Not The End’, with a highly pitched instrumental build-up. Within this genre of music, a strong vocal performance is noticed and given praise when compared to the heavier genres often carried by the instrumental backbone. This is certainly the case as vocalist Mr Ray holds his notes and is consistently harmonious. An impressive sound as Mr Ray plays guitar for the band as well.

The following track develops with a melodious bass line. ‘No Great Expectations’ contains a chorus so catchy; you’ll be hooked before the first minute is over. The band project a fast-paced vibrant sound which reaches a heavy threshold – often equalised by the vocals. This makes for a good balance and defines that punk attitude by FAIT ACCOMPLI.

An acoustic introduction develops in ‘Galaxies’, which really emphasises Mr Ray’s vocal potential. I can imagine the tracks on the ‘Spies’ EP receiving a welcoming reception in a concert/gig environment. A great talent for this band is the ability to slowly build up from a tight steady introduction to a fast-paced (and even somewhat chaotic) chorus and then back down if desired smoothly. The transition demonstrates musical understanding and again; would make for a great live context as well.

‘Everyday’ is probably the best track on ‘Spies’ and is even catchier than the rest. FAIT ACCOMPLI plays truly well as a single unit and are able to capture a distinguished sound when combining guitar, drums and bass – and still matching the vocal pace. Mr Ray is able to control that pace of the band with two instrumental elements of control opposed to Ms Skarlett and Mr Stokes on drums and bass respectively (who are nonetheless talented with musical control and flow). At times like in ‘Everyday’, this is demonstrated and again is very enjoyable to listen to.

‘Spies’ is a relaxing EP and is perfect for a bar environment with perhaps some dancing involved as well. The closing song for the EP is ‘Shipwrecked’. This is quite a long track but continues the consistency of the EP including the harmonious singing abilities by Mr Ray and carefully designed chords. The technical guitar solo at the end of ‘Shipwrecked’ is the perfect way to end a very well-produced EP.

A musical recount description was best to review this EP to emphasise the level of musical professionalism that FAIT ACCOMPLI is delivering. In addition to recommending you grab this EP, I also recommend anyone to go see this band live and appreciate the natural talent of the three-piece band. It is an appeal in comparison to the technology that improves the sound of many musicians in this day and age.

6 stars


I personally love getting new music, and I don’t mean ‘oh awesome the new Bon Jovi record is out!’ I’m talking about new bands I’ve never heard of, I get to make my own mind up, I have no preconceived ideas or notion of what they will sound like and I dig that.  Today, I get presented to me Fait Accompli, a Sydney based band who it seems have been around for the best part of five years, so it’ll be interesting to hear what they can do… So let’s check out their new EP ‘Spies’ and see.

Opener ‘This Is Not The End’ really isn’t, it’s a great starter with a very bouncy, happy vibe to it. I think they’re on to something here, this song and this band sounds like it has heart, soul, funk and a tinge of punk rock roots thrown in for good measure.  It actually reminds me a little of that old school early 90’s Australian sound done by the likes of bands like Ratcat and it’s nice to hear that again.  Lyrically “Everything is alright” and yeah, it is.  See, I told you, I love new music I’ve never heard of before. ‘No Great Expectations’ man these song names are too easy to play with so I’ll leave that one alone, but with a great riff, great breakdown and no great expectations, see, they made me do it… but seriously, I’m liking what I hear.  Remind me, how have I never heard of this band before?

Track three is ‘Galaxies’ and in a much more mellow state than the previous two with a very piano / synth driven groove until around three and half minutes in where it goes mentally in to a guitar solo, the tone and feel of it suits the song perfectly, I really liked that one.  Oh wait, I like this next one more, isn’t it great when you’re typing and a song starts and it’s awesome, well that just happened… ‘Everyday’ is laden with an almost Foo Fighters worthy style riff mashed with an Urge Overkill feel.  This works quite well, and yeah, this is my favourite on the EP and I haven’t even heard the last track.  Big call I know, but what are you gonna do?  ‘Shipwrecked’ finishes off the EP and dives back in to mellower territories, once again until a raging guitar solo comes along, I do like it when they get into the rockier territory on the tracks, and for me that’s where it’s at!  This was a cool way to end the Spies EP.

Overall, I liked what I just listened to, a nice mix of a number of musical genres there, and just enough to not make it weird or too diverse that it doesn’t work.  This was perfect for my Sunday afternoon and I’m damn sure these songs would be well at home in a live environment.  Check this out if you get a chance, you may enjoy hearing a band you’ve never heard of too…


Bursting with rebellion and 90s nostalgia, soul-punk outfit from Sydney, Fait Accompli, return with the EP, Spies.  The first  track on the album This Is Not The End, feels like a big finger in face to authority (even though it’s more about relationships) and is the beginning of something big – so pay them some attention! It belongs on a cult movie soundtrack. It’s passionate, anthemic and really, really loud.


ANNANDALE HOTEL, SYDNEY – FRIDAY 20th JULY 2012 – Adam Wiliding, Drum Media

Fair Accompli have a new EP which was cause for the night’s party. The current line-up compared to past incarnations has leant itself to a heavier sound overall thanks to a massive rhythm section, in particular drummer Skarlett’s punishment of the skins. All was on display in spades and although it’s going to take some getting used to the new songs, the crowd reaction to newbie No Great Expectations showed the wait won’t take that long.

w-NEW YORK DOLLS @ MANNING BAR – SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER 2011 – Pete Dimmo, Sludge Factory

After a break FAIT ACCOMPLI hit the lights just before 9pm and by this time the crowd was starting to swell and a special night was brewing. FAIT served up a scrumptious serving of soulful punk that wowed the punters. Miss Scarlett behind the kit gave the skins a real hammering and shows herself on the drums as a real star in the making. Her ability and engaging nature behind the kit make this band a when, not if proposition when it comes to success. The band even gave away their new double -sided single On a Blue Day/Aint No Fool for FREE. I can tell you that these tunes will be in my CD Stacker for some time. FAIT ACCOMPLI was the support of the night and provided the perfect platform and vibe the STRAIGHT ARROWS who where next up to take over.


I was going to say something about the bassist from The Deer Republic’s mad afro but lead singer from Fait Accompli Mr Ray, took the coolest hair/head ensemble to a whole other level. In saying this however, a more important and even more impressive aspect of this local tattooed clad three-piece is their music. It’s like a combination of old Queens of the Stone Age and The Jesus Lizard. The only bad feeling that swept over me during this set was the remorseful moment when I realized it took me 5 years to learn of their existence in Sydney. One of the many songs that really stood out was new single ‘No Fool’, which has this simple yet transfixing bass line, matched with a few spine tinglingly good guitar solos by Mr Ray himself, in between his own ultra cool and relaxed punk vocals.


“Riding just below the Triple J Radar, Fait Accompli mirrored early At The Drive-In”
Drum Media

“This band continues to be AMAZING”
Music Feeds

“The full force of what good music should be: transcendental and able to take the listener away to somewhere altogether better”
Faster Louder

“A hard act to follow if any…”
Drum Media

“Sheer raw punk from Sydney has not offered so much for a while”
Faster Louder

“Fait Accompli’s debut single Ride. Uplifting and heartbreaking, sentimental and irresistible”
Surfing World

“Ride shimmers with jangling indie guitars and a driving bassline that recalls a more motorik-influenced Maximo Park… – tasty”
3D World

“Ride lopes along, swept along in the wake of all that came before it”

“Fait Accompli are probably one of the most promising bands to emerge from Sydney in a long time”
Jane Gazzo, Channel V

“…straight away you can see this band is something special”
Drum Media





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