Following a two year hiatus and the release of their return single HIGHWAYS in 2018, Sydney soul punks FAIT ACCOMPLI headed back into the studio with good friend Ian Pritchett, Producer of their debut album DREAMS (2009) to throw down on a ferocious two day recording session which would bring to life some angry skeletons, only to then inspire their mission to record a barnstorming Punk album for the ages.

So to set the record straight FAIT ACCOMPLI have put their best foot forward to guide the down trodden towards a path of unity with all guns blazing. Their latest single PRESSURE is the pressure lift which represents what most Sydney siders and all across the land have been going through.

With a tour to help fuel their ongoing collision of art and protest music, Fait Accompli will no doubt turn all live venues into locations of release and reckoning! PRESSURE is a song by the people for the people!

Fait have pushed their music through politics and through the powers of artists as globally recognised as MIA and as underground as Anthony Lister with the movie KIDS thrown in for good measure. Below are a few friendly video reminders for those who need a refresher.

PRESSURE is out on all platforms on Friday 14 June. So the question is this
“ARE YOU WITH US?” If you said yes, then that is the correct answer. See you out there!

Press shot by Dave Xureb /// Instagram: @grim.reflections



Soul Punks Fait Accompli are renegades of the Sydney Underground independent music scene. With a cocktail of Punk mixed in with influences as varied as Sonic Youth, Faith No More, Queens Of The Stoneage, Rage Against The Machine & Nirvana, Fait Accompli cast a musical spell to create a sound which preaches fire to their personal struggles, politics and surviving Sydney making their music intense, but uplifting in its delivery.

With a dozen independent releases under the belt, various lineup changes and a two year hiatus, Fait Accompli returned with their single HIGHWAYS in 2018. With their strongest lineup to date; Ray Lalotoa (vocals, guitar) Skarlett Saramore (drums) Ava Van deyk (bass) and Matt Jenkin (guitar), Fait Accompli have returned to the studio to record their next album with Producer and friend; Ian Pritchett. Due for release late 2019.

Fait Accompli have opened for heroes; Dead Kennedys, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Sebadoh, New York Dolls and toured with Sage Francis. FAIT have also shared the stage with Violent Soho, Goons of Doom, Sticky Fingers, Wolfmother, Cog, Bad Dreems, Hard Ons, The Smith Street Band, The Bennies, Clowns, Born Lion, The Bungalows & many more.

Their live set has been described as the last show on earth before the Apocalypse, Fait Accompli are the true personification of their own genre which was coined in a review at one of their early shows – Soul Punk!


FAIT ACCOMPLI are a load-bearing wall. Take them away and – surely – the entire structure collapses. A tiny few bands get to the point where they sound this effortlessly, searingly, good. Music as magic.
The Underground Stage

FAIT ACCOMPLI’s set is not a set you watch, it’s a set you are drawn into, like there’s a black hole of superdense music on the stage and every last one of us is happily doomed to be drawn, inexorably, into it. As per physics, we then all explode and light up the whole damn universe. What a band.
The Underground Stage

“blistering and intense”
SF media

“Noisy, melancholy post-punk power trio Fait Accompli opened up the night at The Hi-Fi.
While the crowd at this point was fairly thin on the ground, this didn’t stop the band from delivering a heavy and soulful set to all those who made it out early, leaving the stage an amp-ringing mess.”
The Music

“Riding just below the Triple J Radar, Fait Accompli mirrored early At The Drive-In”
Drum Media

“This band continues to be AMAZING”
Music Feeds

“The full force of what good music should be: transcendental and able to take the listener away to somewhere altogether better”
Faster Louder

“A hard act to follow if any…”
Drum Media

“Sheer raw punk from Sydney has not offered so much for a while”
Faster Louder

“Fait Accompli’s debut single Ride. Uplifting and heartbreaking, sentimental and irresistible”
Surfing World

“Ride shimmers with jangling indie guitars and a driving bassline that recalls a more motorik-influenced Maximo Park… – tasty”
3D World

“Ride lopes along, swept along in the wake of all that came before it”

“Fait Accompli are probably one of the most promising bands to emerge from Sydney in a long time”
Jane Gazzo, Channel V

“…straight away you can see this band is something special”
Drum Media