Photos by Gwendolyn Lee Photography

We don’t get much music press, so we depend solely on our music to do the talkin. Big huge thanks to @sfmedia_ for this killer live review to finish off the 2014!!

The Smith Street Band + The Front Bottoms + Apologies, I Have None + Fait Accompli
The Factory Theatre, Sydney
24 November 2014
Review by Matt Doria

The Factory Theatre is a marvel of a venue. Once a working factory line, as the name suggests, it’s a homey little spot in the center of Marrickville with a warm, friendly atmosphere and incredible acoustics. There’s also a kick-ass selection of ciders on a regular basis, so brownie points given where brownie points due. As the sun started to set and the cars started rolling in, Sydney locals FAIT ACCOMPLI took to the stage to deliver their smokey, soulful brand of punk rock with a kinetic edge. Fast, fluid, and riddled with ingenuity, FAIT ACCOMPLI were an unexpected shock. Not a moment of their set let up, and their energetically powerful sound had me shamelessly dancing like nobody was watching within minutes.

Their studio material hasn’t wowed me quite the way their live performance did, but considering the effervescence of their onstage attitudes, I’m unsurprised. Every member of FAIT ACCOMPLI was in their own bubble of energy: First up, we have our vocalist and guitarist, Ray Lalotoa. Heavily dreaded with an outback style to him, he hopped around with vigour as he yelled and riffed away, seamlessly pulling himself in and out of ‘the zone’ as each song passed. Then there’s our bassist, the emo-hipster hybrid Brad Fitter. In true punk rock style, Fitter thrashed around the room and made the stage his playground. Last but not least, there’s our drummer, Skarlett Saramore. There’s little more I can say other than that she was a force of sheer brutality, relentlessly annihilating the ill-fated drum set that sat before her.

Read the full review HERE 


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