Photography by Maria de Vera Photography

Dead Kennedys + The Bennies + Fait Accompli
The HiFi Sydney
Sunday 5 October 2014
Review by Matt Bolton

After a hot day in Sydney, the wind picked up and I just knew tonight’s gonna be killer at the punk rock show. The Aussie bands on the bill are all beside themselves as they get to share the stage with their idols, THE DEAD KENNEDYS, coming all the way from sunny California.

First up on the bill was Sydney three-piece, FAIT ACCOMPLI, which I am to believe, is French for accomplished fact. These guys go by the soul punk moniker, which I’m new to and it worked really well here.

At first there weren’t too many people at the front of the stage, but that soon changed after one song. The sound here was really loud when they took the stage. Maybe it was because of how close I am, but it’s funny to see the security guards all block their ears one by one, as if taking part in a Mexican wave.

The band really got into it and the sound seemed to improve. Female drummer, the beautiful Ms Skarlett Saramore, who reminds me of a young Demi Moore, could teach a few guys a thing or two about hitting the sticks. Taking her top off early set, Skar was playing at pretty fast speed in her defence. These guys were real tight musicians. The guitar work of Mr Ray Lalotoa, with his distorted solos accompanied by his punk yet soulful vocals really gave FAIT ACCOMPLI an edge. What I like about these guys is that their music was different, in the way they blend bout soul and punk together. This mash up of genres seems to come naturally to them.

The fourth song of the set started out soft but got into a really rocking beat, which got my head banging. FAIT ACCOMPLI really picked up the pace here and the last song of the set got the band thrashing out. Crowd favourites were the new single ‘End of the World’  and people power protest song ‘False Flags,’ which is very relevant to everything going on right now with our fucked up government.

Having never heard FAIT ACCOMPLI before I was happy that now I have and it just goes to show some great talent is in our own backyard.

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