Fait_Accompli_by_Oscar_Colman_3_web 2014Ladies and Gents, Friends, Foes, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Mothers, Fathers, Lovers, Haters, Lifers, Leavers, Daughters and Sons! We are Fait Accompli from Sydney, Australia and we are one of the most passionate, underrated, unique, colourful, independent, hardworking DIY bands you’ll ever meet. We don’t have no PR guy, no manager, no booker, or no middle man pulling strings for us, we don’t have no Hype! All we got is our music and a message from the people for the people! So unless we all get behind art and support our collective right to speak out, we ain’t ever going to be heard! None of us will ever be heard! But we can all contribute in changing that /// Our brand new single #ENDOFTHEWORLD drops tomorrow #010414 #1414 and will be available for everyone to download, buy, stream or whatever you wanna do from many online destinations via our website http://faitaccomplimusic.com /// Share it! Blog it! Review it! Listen to it! Like it! Love it! Hate it! Diss it! Request it! Question it! But please don’t just ignore it. Don’t cringe away and think that you’re way to cool for us! We don’t give a shit! It’s art! So do something with it! Don’t just stand there and laugh. Hahaha! There’s so much fluff out there today getting your attention, human beings fall into comfortable traps of sheeplike behaviour. So do something different, take some time out and support an independent band for a change. A band like us!  Who knows what could happen? We might light a fire in your belly? We might inspire you to leave your job? Or get a job? We’re sayin it! We’re comin out! We’re reprazentin and fighting for what we believe in thru music! We’re not embarrassed by it! We’re not in no competition with anyone! We know we blow shit up live! We’ve got nothing to prove! We just want our message to be heard! And all you need to do is take a good look outside. You don’t need to be a Rocket scientist to know that there is a glitch in the matrix /// Help us kill shit! while you inadvertently kill shit yourself!!! /// it’s the #endoftheworld as you know it, so give me somethin! It can also be the beginning of something good, if you really want it /// #supportindependentmusic Thank you to our friends and family for your love and support! Peace and Love Ray, Skar and Brad #faitaccompli X #peoplepower #warisover #johnlennon #yokoono



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