Tonight we played our first official show with our new bass player Brad Fitter.

Unfortunately we had to part ways with our beloved friend and brother Brett Stokes due to personal reasons. We still love him dearly and wish Stokes all the best in the future.

We are looking forward to the road that lies ahead for us right now and we want everyone to know that we are working harder than ever to achieve what we were born to do, which is to live a creative and fulfilling life making music and telling stories about what we are all going through out here everyday as friends and a family.

Our message and cause as a band is more definitive now than it ever has been and we just feel like the story of FAIT ACCOMPLI has been pretty much that, from the start this band has always been about a journey towards making music that means something more than just singing songs about nothing because music means more to us than just being in a band, music is our life.

Our show tonight was very special and it was great to be in Melbourne again playing with so many amazing bands.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Peace. X FA

fait espy


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