You probably all know by now who our drummer is yeah? Someone we regard as hands down one of the best hard rock drummers in this Country is our drummer and her name is Skarlett Saramore. Anyway it’s her birthday today and we just wanted to embarrass her on the internet. Haha!

Having Skarlett in our band is like having your opinionated little brat sister and your smart intelligent older sister rolled into one, but appearing physically as a tattooed Lesbian Vixen muthafuckin drummer from hell who doesn’t take shit from no one. Do you know how intimidating that is? There’s never a dull moment when you are around Skarlett. Try songwriting with her, music is her drug man, she has ideas, scenarios and more ideas coming at you like a freight train being driven by a mad scientist. You can see her eyes rolling back and her brain ticking with excitement, it’s actually dangerous and hilarious really. Ha ha! To normal people this would be seen as way over the top, but we’re all over the top people, so it’s kind of semi normal for us. Writing songs in this band is like going to war, it’s the most creative / productive thing we collective know as a humans and the outcome is always the next best song we have ever written (wait till you hear our new record). But if there’s one thing we know, it is that Skarlett lives and breathes music and for us to be around that is exciting and intense but mostly awe-inspiring.

Skarlett is not only a pretty face and a talented drummer, but she is also the founder of LESS THAN STRENGTH an online movement which raises awareness and helps young people who are suffering from depression, suicidal tendencies and mental illness. To us this makes her one of the most inspiring / influential people we know. She shows a lot of courage by dedicating her life to a cause and passion that is much bigger than herself. This makes us super stoked to be playing music with Skarlett, it just makes our trip feel like something more than just music. Of course we love to party too, ask anyone we know, but to create positive change by doing something that you love to us is just Radical! and this band is totally behind Skarlett 100%

Anyway we just wanna wish you a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms SKARLETT and we know you love celebrating and showing your love for people, so we just wanted to give some back.

We love ya babe! Keep doing your thing, Fuck Haterz and Keep Rockin!

Happy Birthday (23) from your family FAIT ACCOMPLI.


Mr Ray & Mr Stokes and the gang!

Dani, Bayside, B Rad, Nick Hernandez, Charlotte, Batemans Bay crew, The Bungalows, Dead Beat Band, Bang! Bang! Rock n’ Roll, Sticky Fingers, Mylee Grace, Violet Pulp, Goons of Doom, My Sydney Riot crew and so many more!


Here’s a video that some of Skarletts fans made for her Birthday

Our 2nd show together we opened for New York Dolls 


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