In late 2011 Mr Ray (FAIT ACCOMPLI) approached close friend and electronic artist Tamara Piller to remix their single NO FOOL. Over the summer Tamara put said track through its paces and gave it a different but tasteful twist, turning No Fool, a flat-out riffy rock n’ roll song into a dark paced electro / tech house track.

So like all things Fait Accompli this track is now available for all you electronic music heads to enjoy for free. Just head to to download it, then drop it at your next BBQ or Rave. To be fully appreciated this remix needs to be heard loud, so turn it up to 11!

Living in Sydney Australia, Tamara Piller is a long-term veteran of the drums, uncovering her passion at the young age of twelve when she played in an Orchestra conducted by the well-known Russell Hammond. The drum kit was her first love and she went on to form the indie rock band Beau Monde that was classed as “Highly danceable electro-rock” by Glenn Dickie, Label Manager EMI. Shortly after Beau Monde, Tamara turned her passion for beats and technology to the production studio, and began working with artists from Australia, Argentina, Berlin and America.
CLICK HERE to check out Tamara Piller music

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