North Street Cafe is the music capital of Australia as far as we’re concerned. The venue booker Drew Tweedie shows an attention to detail unseen in most venues. And this vibe spreads across to the punters who in turn show a big appreciation for bands coming into their town by engaging with music whole heartedly because they appreciate that bands have come a long way to play for them.

We hope that this kind of attitude towards unknown bands can spread throughout the country and especially to big cities like Sydney. It’s not just the bigger bands that deserve a go, independent bands like us depend on this for our very survival.

Big shout out to Drew and our family of friends from Batemans Bay, you inspire us to keep doing what we do.

A big thanks also goes out to everyone who came out to our shows over the last month, especially all our friends who book and promote  shows, we appreciate what you guys do and thanks for taking care of us. We had fun.

See you at the next chapter.



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