At the beginning of 2016 Sydney Soul Punks FAIT ACCOMPLI were set to record their next album filled with personal / political punk rock reverence, songs which were written on and off the road over a two year stretch. But on the eve of heading into the studio they decided to go their separate ways.

FAIT ACCOMPLI quietly slipped away into the dark night of what was now Sydney’s new lock out law death corpse, spending the last couple of years in the wilderness focusing their energies on personal projects and on their own personal lives away from the band.

Whether FAIT would return was truly a big unknown. There would be no communications between its members over that time period and any odds of a reunion were really looking kinda grim.

But as fate would have it, Ray (roaming through the darkness) would randomly walk straight bang into Skarlett amongst the sea of 30,000 people just as their favourite band ‘Queens Of The Stoneage’ were about to hit the stage at Splendour In The Grass. And as the story goes, the rest is punk rock history…

Fast forward to a year later and FAIT ACCOMPLI have been through some interesting incarnations trying out different vibes and experimenting with what ever came their way. The head or of a normal human would probably explode. From meeting with psychedelic friend Roland, jamming in a shed in the South Coast and joined by their dear friend Liam (Dead Bear) on second drums. They opened for Glen Matlock of Sex PIstols and played few exciting show, one including a garage in a forest on the South Coast and making at their favourite music festival Beneath the Surface (formerly Riverfest).

Alot happened and then all of a sudden the band were back in the studio with one of their favourite local producers; Wade Keighran (Wolf & Cub / The Scare) recording one of the songs which would best describe their crazy journey thus far.

HIGHWAYS is a song which spoke true to the private universe Fait Accompli had created as a band over the years as human beings searching for love and salvation through song and as a piece of art it brought the best out of Fait Accompli both musically, emotionally and sonically. It is probably the most normal you will ever hear Fait, but it is also a match strike into a world where the listener will hear Fait Accompli not only at their purest and most positive.

HIGHWAYS is an art-form created with wit and Pop precision while still holding onto the anchor which makes Fait’s music Fait Accompli. It is loud as fuck and you will still be closer to deafness after listening to it.

“This is a song about the depths of where love and friendships have taken us all over the years and where we end up, but also where we still need to go. We’re so proud of this song and we can’t wait for you to hear it”.

“We hand picked a lineup of friends and amazing local talent Forest Hall, MOODY BEACH, Murray Darling & Frandy Longlegs Trio to play our launch. And despite what Mike Baird has done to this town, these artists make us so proud that this city is still alive and kicking with amazing bands!”.

“Because no matter what the struggles, no matter what the challenges we all still have each other because damn straight! we the people we have the music, the art and the power! and that’s what matters most”.

So please join us for what will be a magnificent night in the life of a band who was born to keep raising hell on stage while pushing their soul punk people power message to the masses one soul at a time.

See you at the show!